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Which material is best for simulating the breathability of human skin?

2023-06-30 10:30

To simulate the air permeability of human skin, it is necessary to select materials with good air permeability. Among them, the most commonly used materials are polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film and polyethylene film.

PTFE membrane is a high molecular polymer film with good air permeability, water resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Its breathability is superior to many other materials, and it mimics the breathability of human skin. The breathability of PTFE membrane is mainly due to its microporous structure and molecular structure, which allows water vapor to pass through while preventing water and other liquids from penetrating.

Polyethylene film is a lightweight, transparent, flexible material with good air permeability and moisture absorption. Its breathability is primarily due to its molecular structure and surface properties that allow water vapor to pass through while absorbing and wicking away perspiration.

In addition to the above two materials, there are other materials that also have good air permeability, such as polypropylene film, polyester film, etc. Appropriate materials need to be selected according to specific test requirements and conditions to simulate the breathability of human skin.

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