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Solution preparation method for washing color fastness test

2023-06-28 10:14

Washing color fastness test is one of the important methods to evaluate the color stability of dyes or pigments in the washing process. The following is a detailed description of the configuration method of the washing color fastness test solution:

1. Detergent selection:

In the washing color fastness test, standard detergents are usually used to simulate the washing process in actual use. Commonly used standard detergents include AATCC detergents, ISO detergents, and GB detergents. According to the specific standard requirements, select the corresponding detergent.

2. Solution preparation:

According to different standard requirements, the solution preparation method in the washing color fastness test may be different. The general solution preparation method is as follows:

Colour Fastness Test.jpg

    a. According to the standard requirements, prepare the required detergent concentration. Usually, the concentration of detergent is 1-5 g/L, and the specific concentration can be adjusted according to the standard requirements.

    b. Weigh the prepared detergent into a certain container.

    c. Add an appropriate amount of water and stir evenly to fully dissolve the detergent.

    d. Adjust the temperature of the solution according to the standard requirements. In general, the temperature of the solution in the color fastness test to washing is 40±2°C, but the specific temperature should be adjusted according to the standard requirements.

3. pH adjustment:

In some cases, pH adjustments are required for solutions in wash fastness tests. Depending on standard requirements, acids or bases can be used to adjust the pH of the solution. The specific pH adjustment method should be operated according to the standard requirements.

4. Use of the solution:

The prepared solution can be used in the color fastness test to washing. According to the requirements of the standard, the sample to be tested is put into the solution for water washing, and the water washing process is carried out according to the time and temperature specified in the standard.

It should be noted that different standards may have different requirements and methods, so when performing color fastness tests to washing, the solution should be prepared and used according to specific standard requirements.

To sum up, the configuration method of the washing color fastness test solution includes steps such as selecting a suitable detergent, preparing the concentration of the detergent, adding water and stirring evenly, and adjusting the temperature and pH of the solution. When conducting the test, it should be operated according to the specific standard requirements.

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