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What is the standard for bursting strength test?

2023-06-12 13:48

The bursting strength test is a commonly used method to measure the strength and durability of paper, cardboard, and other flexible materials. The test measures the maximum pressure that a material can withstand before it ruptures or bursts. There are several standards that define the procedure for conducting the bursting strength test, but one of the most widely used standards is the ISO 2758 standard.

The ISO 2758 standard provides guidelines for the determination of bursting strength and bursting distension of paper and cardboard. The standard specifies the equipment and procedures to be used for the test, as well as the calculation method for determining the bursting strength.

The ISO 2758 standard requires the use of a hydraulic or pneumatic testing machine, which is equipped with a circular diaphragm. The material to be tested is clamped between the diaphragm and a flat circular metal ring. The machine applies pressure to the material until it bursts, and the maximum pressure recorded during the test is the bursting strength.

The ISO 2758 standard also provides guidelines for the conditioning of the samples, the test procedure, and the calculation of results. The standard specifies that the test should be conducted at a temperature of 23 ± 1°C and a relative humidity of 50 ± 2%. The standard also specifies the minimum number of samples that should be tested and the criteria for accepting or rejecting the test results.

In addition to ISO 2758, there are other standards that provide guidelines for the bursting strength test, including ASTM D3786, TAPPI T403, and DIN 53141. The choice of standard depends on the specific requirements of the material being tested and the industry or application for which the test results will be used.

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