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Everyday maintenance of constant temperature and humidity test chamber

2023-05-17 13:38

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber is a commonly used test equipment, the need for regular maintenance and maintenance to ensure its normal operation and long-term use. The following are recommendations for the daily maintenance of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber:

1. cleaning: regularly clean the internal and external surfaces of the test chamber, especially the control panel, sensors and heaters and other key components. Cleaning should use a clean soft cloth and detergent, avoid using too harsh chemicals, so as not to damage the surface and internal components of the test chamber.

Air-cooled xenon lamp chamber.jpg

2. Maintenance of heaters and coolers: heaters and coolers are key components of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber and require frequent inspection and maintenance. Regularly check the operation of the heater and cooler to ensure that it works properly to avoid overuse and damage.

3. Replace filters: There are several filters inside the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, including air filters and water filters. These filters need to be replaced regularly to ensure that the quality of air and water inside the test chamber is clean.

4. calibration sensors: the test chamber has several built-in sensors, including temperature sensors and humidity sensors. These sensors need to be calibrated periodically to ensure their accuracy and stability. Calibration of sensors should use accurate calibration tools and methods.

5. Regular inspection of connections: The connections inside and outside the test chamber need to be inspected regularly to ensure that they are tight and sealed. If they are found to be loose or damaged, they should be repaired or replaced in time.

In short, daily maintenance and maintenance is to ensure long-term stable operation of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber important link. Through regular maintenance and maintenance, the service life of the test chamber can be extended to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results.

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