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Spray Water Repellency Tester User Guide

2023-05-12 11:53

The spray water repellency tester is a device used to test the waterproof performance of fabrics, paper, leather and other materials. Here are the steps and precautions for using the device:

device installation

Open the packing box and take out the spray water repellency tester

Install the specimen clamping device and drop height adjustment device (if any) to ensure stability and firmness


Cut and process the material to be tested according to the requirements to make it meet the test standard

Complete the preparatory work before the test, confirm the test standard and specific experimental requirements

start testing

Put preheated and stabilized water into the sprinkler

Place the test sample, adjust the drop height, spray time and distance and other parameters, and conduct the test according to the test requirements

After the test, check whether the test sample meets the test requirements, and record the test results


Before using the spray water repellency tester, a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the equipment must be carried out to ensure that it is working properly.

During operation, relevant personal protective equipment must be worn to avoid accidental injury.

Before testing, it is necessary to fully understand and master the testing standards and requirements to avoid invalid or wrong testing due to improper operation.

After each use of the equipment, it must be cleaned and maintained to maintain the normal operation and long-term reliability of the equipment.

The spray water repellency tester is a device used to test the waterproof performance of materials. During the test, it is necessary to strictly follow the test standards and requirements to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results. At the same time, before and after using the equipment, comprehensive inspection and maintenance must be carried out to prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure the safety of the equipment.

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