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An article to understand the color fastness test of fabrics: classification, standard and test method

2023-05-12 11:45

What is fabric color fastness?

Fabric color fastness refers to the stability of dyes to external factors under different degrees of friction, washing, sun exposure and other conditions. The color fastness of the fabric determines whether it will fade or fade during use.

Classification of fabric color fastness test

Fabric color fastness testing can be divided into the following aspects:

Rubbing color fastness

In this test, the fabric is rubbed back and forth against another piece of cloth with a relatively rough surface, and the color changes. Common test methods are Dry Rubbing (dry grinding method) and Wet Rubbing (wet grinding method).

Colour Fastness Test.jpg

Color fastness to washing

The test of color fastness to washing is mainly by soaking the fabric in water, then washing it at different temperatures and times, and finally observing the color change. According to different test standards, 1-10 cycle tests can be carried out.

Color fastness to sunlight

The purpose of this test is to evaluate the UV resistance of the fabric in sunlight. Usually Xenon lamps or UV lamps are used to simulate sunlight exposure, and then the test results are recorded based on the observed changes in the fabric.

Color fastness to sweat

This test primarily evaluates the color stability of fabrics when soaked in sweat. Fabrics are soaked in artificial sweat and tested under different temperature and time conditions.

Standard for color fastness testing of fabrics

At present, the commonly used fabric color fastness testing standards in the world are: ISO, AATCC, ASTM and GB.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization): It is an international standard organization, and its fabric color fastness test standards are mainly applicable to tests on a global scale.

AATCC (American Textile Chemicals Association): It is a non-profit organization in the United States, and its fabric color fastness test standards are mainly applicable to the US domestic market.

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials): It is a standardization organization composed of experts in materials science and engineering in the United States. Its fabric color fastness testing standards are widely used in the US and European markets.

GB (China National Standard): It is the abbreviation of China National Standard, and its fabric color fastness test standard is mainly applicable to the Chinese market.

Method for testing color fastness of fabrics

Fabric color fastness testing needs some experimental equipment, the following are some common testing equipment:

Rubbing color fastness test: use Martindale abrasion tester or universal testing machine, etc.

Washing color fastness test: use Shrinkage Testing Machine, etc.

Sun color fastness test: use Xenon lamp or UV lamp, etc.

Sweat color fastness test: use Sweat Perspiration Tester, etc.

Different test methods and test equipment can be selected and used according to different test standards.

in conclusion

Fabric color fastness testing is a very important test that is widely used in textiles, clothing, household products and other industries. Through the test of the color fastness of the fabric, the fabric can be objectively evaluated

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