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Method for testing rubber aging process in ozone aging test chamber

2023-05-11 13:07

Ozone aging is a technique for testing the anti-aging properties of rubber products by using environmental simulation methods to accelerate the aging process of rubber by ozone for the characteristics of rubber and some plastics that are sensitive to ozone.

Ozone mainly exists in the ozone layer below the stratosphere in the atmosphere (20 kilometers away from the surface), but there is also thin ozone in the surface atmosphere (mainly from natural discharge phenomena such as lightning and photochemical reactions: NOx in automobile exhaust in Under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, free oxygen combines with oxygen molecules to form ozone, etc.).

Ozone aging chamber.jpg

Due to the sensitivity of some plastic materials and most rubber materials to ozone, even thin ozone can cause some plastic materials and most rubber materials to crack. In order to solve this problem, it is very important to conduct an ozone aging test.

The purpose of the ozone test:

Ozone is an extremely rare gas in the atmosphere, but its destructive power to plastic materials, ozone can irreversibly react with unsaturated bonds and reducing groups in the chemical structure of plastic materials, resulting in oxidative degradation of plastic materials, thus Lost the value of use. The ozone aging test of plastic materials is usually carried out in an ozone aging test chamber. The ozone required for the test is provided by an ozone generator, and its concentration can be adjusted by mixing with air through a mixer. The concentration of ozone is generally based on the actual environment in which the material is used. conditions to determine. In addition, the temperature, humidity and other factors in the ozone aging box can also be adjusted, so as to achieve the purpose of the test, and then obtain the ozone aging resistance of the material and the ozone aging behavior and law.

Prepare the sample:

1. The standard style of dumbbells in GB/T 13642 and GB/T 7762 should consist of a square with two ends of 12mm*12mm and a strip with a middle width of 5mm and a length of 50mm.

2. DIN53509: The width of the wide style is not less than 10mm, and the thickness is 2.0mm±0.2mm. The standard style of narrow dumbbells should be a square with two ends of 6.5mm*6.5mm and a middle width of 2±0.2mm .

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