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What is an air permeability tester and what is its function?

2023-05-09 11:32

Air Permeability Tester is a tool to test the air permeability and wind leakage performance of various materials such as construction materials, packaging materials, thermal insulation materials, and waterproof materials. Its main function is to check whether the air tightness and wind pressure resistance performance of construction, packaging and thermal insulation materials meet the standard requirements.Air Permeability Tester can simulate various air pressure conditions in real environment and test by detecting the pressure difference and air flow.

Air Permeability Tester.png

The Air Permeability Tester works by placing the sample in the tester and pressurizing or depressurizing the tester to simulate different pressure environments to determine the air permeability and air leakage performance of the material. During the testing process, the tester will record the pressure difference and air flow data, through which it can determine whether the air permeability and air leakage performance of the test sample is qualified.

For building materials, Air Permeability Tester has a very important role in ensuring energy saving and indoor comfort of building projects. Through Air Permeability Tester, building materials can determine their air permeability performance under different air pressure environments, so as to determine whether there are penetration holes, cracks and other problems on the external surfaces of buildings, and to ensure that the ambient temperature, humidity and air tightness of buildings meet safety standards during daily use.

In a word, Air Permeability Tester has a very important role in testing the air permeability and air leakage performance of various materials. It allows us to evaluate more scientifically the effectiveness of building, packaging and insulation materials, contributing to the improvement of building quality and reduction of energy consumption.

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