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Weather resistance test of automotive interior materials

2023-05-08 14:40

Weather resistance test of automotive interior materials

1. Common automotive interior parts are:

Door trim panel skin, roof lining skin, instrument cover, front pillar trim, instrument panel bracket, instrument panel cushion, armrest, headrest, steering head;


Vehicle Interior Material.jpg

2. Analysis of the actual use environment of automotive interior parts

Due to the long-term use of the car outdoors, after being exposed to the sun and rain, the plastics used in the car will undergo aging phenomena such as discoloration, brittleness, and decline in mechanical properties to varying degrees due to differences in the service environment. The external environmental factors for the aging of automotive plastics mainly include: light, temperature, humidity, heat, oxygen and chemical media. In view of the main factors of plastic aging, major plastic or auto parts manufacturers at home and abroad adopt various test methods to evaluate the anti-aging performance of products. Among them, the weather resistance of automotive interior parts is particularly important.

The weather resistance test standard of plastics used in automobiles is quite different from that of plastics used in automobiles. The irradiance and black panel temperature of the former are higher than or equal to the latter, and the difference in test conditions is determined by the actual use of automotive plastics. In hot environments, the typical and extreme temperatures inside a car are much higher than outside the car. For example, when a car is parked in an open-air parking lot in summer, the door is closed and the air conditioner is not activated. The temperature inside the car can usually reach 65~70°C, and the extreme temperature can reach 122°C.

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