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The Pros and Cons of Using a Fabric Penetration Tester

2023-04-25 11:52

Fabric Penetration Tester is an instrument used to measure the permeability of fabrics to water or other liquids. It can be used to evaluate the water repellency, breathability, moisture absorption and other properties of fabrics, thus providing a reference for fabric design, selection and application.Fabric Penetration Tester has several advantages:

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- Easy to operate, simply fix the fabric sample on the tester and then select the appropriate test parameters to automatically perform the test and data recording.

- Accurate, reliable and repeatable test results, because the tester uses high-precision sensors and control systems, which can ensure the consistency and stability of the test conditions.

- Wide range of testing, can test different types, structures, thicknesses and surface treatments of fabrics, as well as different temperatures, pressures and flow rates of liquids.

- The test methods are diverse and can be selected according to different standards and requirements, such as constant pressure method, constant flow method, dynamic method, etc.

Fabric Penetration Tester also has some disadvantages, the main ones are

- Higher testing cost, because the tester itself is more expensive, and requires regular calibration and maintenance.

- Longer testing time, because the tester needs to be warmed up and stabilized, and only one sample can be tested per test, and multiple samples cannot be compared at the same time.

- Test results are affected by external factors, such as ambient temperature and humidity, sample storage and handling methods, etc., which may lead to biased test results.

In summary, the use of Fabric Penetration Tester has its advantages and disadvantages, and needs to be selected and used rationally according to the specific purpose and conditions.

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