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2023 men's fashion fabric trend forecast

2023-04-20 10:46

The ever-changing world stimulates the power of innovation, and presents the harmonious symbiosis of humanities and nature, native and technology, handicraft and mass production in the integration. The exquisite texture of the material and the loose silhouette of the clothing together create a flexible style suitable for both home and commuting; the natural and outdoor design has gradually shifted from high-energy protection to daily wear style based on aesthetics and basic functional demands.

ease commute

The new style of sympathy is exquisite but not deliberate, casual but not procrastinated, comfortable and full of healing. The essence of exquisite and elegant fabrics remains unchanged, combined with a neutral and soft color palette to create a more durable and versatile category, suitable for modern and flexible lifestyles.

fashion fabric1.jpg

The wool-shaped material created by the basic structure is mainly in a simple style, and the enhanced twill, herringbone and other textures upgrade the exquisite sense of details, and the fleece and brushed finishing optimize the soft and fluffy touch, which is suitable for both inner and outer wear. Shirt-style jackets, elegant and casual overcoats, etc.; the addition of cotton, polyester, and brocade increases the stiffness of the fabric, which is more suitable for suits and trousers; knitted materials enrich the appearance through waffle and honeycomb textures, and are suitable for inner wear products; the comfortable touch from the inside out is the key to highlighting the healing properties.

soft tech style

Driven by metaverse, court imitation technology, etc., seasonless material combines layered comfort, dreaminess and surreal expressiveness of color, presenting a soft technological style of romantic healing.

fashion fabric.jpg

Advanced digital pastels, technical gloss, and layered designs are must-haves. Wool, Tencel, Lyocell, etc. are used as the main raw materials, and the combination of delicate and draped fabrics with gradient stripes and checks is suitable for making suits and trousers without seasons, and the elegant luster brings out the soft masculinity; Silk and nylon fabrics are suitable for crispness. The material presents a high-level casual or light outdoor style with micro-wrinkle texture, monochrome or two-color vision, and abstract appearance; Integrating Chinese tones, Chinese herbal medicine dyeing, etc. to highlight the healing of the country.

fashion outdoor

Under the influence of fashion aesthetics, outdoor style began to incorporate more fashion elements, such as new natural colors, multiple materials, novel patterns, etc.

fashion fabrics.jpg

Comfortable, fluffy, warm and breathable wool fabric is the new favorite of fashion outside the body. The original natural color is matched with bright colors such as dark grass green, green cyan, and orange to show vitality. The high-quality choice of shirts can make urban life and light outdoor life seamless; freehand printing, jacquard and abstract natural patterns highlight casual comfort and thoughtful design details, which are the main body of creating dynamic styles; basic functionality is still Must-haves like weatherproofing, antibacterial, stretch and more.

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