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What are the factors to consider when selecting a washing fastness tester?

2023-04-14 11:35

In the textile and printing industry, the washing fastness test is very important because this test determines whether the dyed material of a certain material can resist the washing process in everyday life. Choosing the right washing fastness tester becomes a key step in the test. This article will introduce the factors to be considered when choosing a washing fastness tester.

 washing fastness test

1. Test standard: When choosing a washing fastness tester you need to pay special attention to whether the test standard used by the selected machine meets your needs. Different countries and regions may use different standards. For example, Europe uses the ISO standard, the United States uses the AATCC standard, and Australia uses the AS standard. 2.

2. Test load and sample size: Test load and sample size need to be considered when choosing a washer fastness tester. The test load should match the quantity and size of the material being tested. If you need to test larger samples, you will need to choose a tester with a higher load. 3.

3. Test time: Test time depends on the type and model of the test instrument. When selecting a test instrument, you need to make sure that the test time is appropriate for your production needs. If you need to test your samples quickly, you need to choose a high-speed testing instrument.


4. Included features: Some testers come with additional features, such as damp heat cycle testing. When choosing a test instrument, you need to make sure that the features supported by the instrument meet your needs.

5. Price and quality: Price and quality are considerations for any instrument purchase. You need to find an instrument that offers a reasonable price/performance ratio, while ensuring that its quality and performance meet your needs.

In conclusion, it is important to choose the right washing fastness tester. When choosing, you need to consider test criteria, test load and sample size, test time, features, as well as price and quality.

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