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Seven Things To Know About Fiber Microtome

2023-04-11 10:58

Fiber microtome is a tool used for cutting thin sections of fibers for microscopy analysis. Here are seven things you should know about fiber microtome:

1. Types of fiber microtomes
There are various types of fiber microtomes including rotary microtome, sliding microtome, and vibratome. Rotary microtome is a traditional microtome that uses a rotating blade to cut sections. Sliding microtome uses a sliding blade to cut sections, and a vibratome uses high-frequency vibration to cut sections.


2. Sample preparation
Before starting to use a fiber microtome, the sample must be prepared. The sample should be cleaned and dried properly to ensure that it has a smooth surface for cutting. If the sample is not flat, it can be embedded in a medium such as paraffin to make it easier to cut.

3. Blade selection
The choice of blade depends on the type of sample being cut. Diamond blades are most commonly used for cutting hard samples such as muscle tissue. Tungsten carbide blades are better for softer samples such as plant tissue.

4. Section thickness
The thickness of the sections can vary from 1µm to 100µm, depending on the samples and the requirements of the analysis.

5. Section collection
Once the sections are cut, they must be collected and stored properly. Sections can be collected on slides or in collection tubes. Proper labeling and storage is important to ensure that the sections can be easily identified for further analysis.
Fiber Microtome.png

6. Maintenance
Proper maintenance of the fiber microtome is necessary to ensure that it works properly. The blade must be kept sharp by regularly honing it. The microtome must be cleaned after each use to prevent contamination.

7. Applications
Fiber microtome is used in various fields of study such as biology, medicine, and materials science. It can be used to analyze the structure of fibers and tissues and detect any abnormalities or alterations.

In summary, fiber microtome is an important tool for researchers who study fibers and tissues. Understanding how to properly use and maintain the microtome is important for obtaining accurate results.

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