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Details of the Fiber microtome's cutting mechanism and precision?

2023-03-30 11:42

The cutting mechanism of the Fiber microtome is to cut the fibres by rotating the saw blade. During the cutting process, the fibres are held on the cutting table and the saw blade is then rotated in the direction of the fibres to cut them to the required length.

The accuracy of the Fiber microtome depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the design of the cutting machine, the quality and sharpness of the cutting tool, the flatness and stability of the cutting table, and the skill and experience of the operator. Typically, the Fiber microtome can achieve accuracies of several hundred microns or more, but this depends on the specific application requirements and the performance of the machine.


In order to ensure the accuracy and stability of the Fiber microtome, the following details need to be taken into account:

1. the design quality and manufacturing process of the cutting machine must meet standards to ensure accuracy and durability of the machine

2. The quality and sharpness of the cutting tools have a significant impact on cutting accuracy and therefore require regular inspection and replacement of the tools.

3. The flatness and stability of the cutting table also has a significant impact on cutting accuracy and needs to be checked and adjusted on a regular basis.

4. The operator needs to have certain skills and experience and can be trained and practised to improve cutting accuracy and stability.

5. During the cutting process, attention needs to be paid to the fixation and positioning of the fibres in order to avoid cutting deviations and errors.

6. The fibres need to be pre-treated and cleaned before cutting to ensure quality and accuracy of the cut.

Overall, the Fiber microtome can achieve a high level of cutting accuracy, generally capable of achieving thickness accuracies of a few microns. However, it should be noted that cutting accuracy may fluctuate due to the factors mentioned above. When using the Fiber microtome, attention needs to be paid to the quality of the cutting head, adjusting the height and angle of the cutting head, controlling the cutting speed and cutting pressure to ensure the best possible cutting accuracy and quality.

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