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taber abrasion tester automotive knitted fabric abrasion test

2023-03-29 13:31

The Taber abrasion tester is a commonly used test instrument to measure the abrasion resistance of materials. In the automotive industry, it is commonly used to test the abrasion resistance of automotive knitted fabrics.

Automotive knitted fabrics are often used for car seats and upholstery and therefore need to have good abrasion resistance to ensure that they do not break down over time. The Taber abrasion tester is used to test the abrasion resistance of knitted fabrics by simulating the wear and tear of a car in use. The specific test is carried out as follows:

taber abrasion tester.jpg

Prepare the test sample: Select a representative sample of knitted fabric and cut it to the required size according to the standard requirements.

Mounting the test sample: The test sample is mounted on the Taber abrasion tester and the load weight and test time are set as required.

Conducting the test: The Taber abrasion tester is activated and the test head is allowed to roll back and forth across the surface of the sample to simulate the abrasion process. At the end of the test, the sample is removed for inspection.

Checking the sample: The sample surface is checked for wear and colour change and is scored and analysed according to the standard requirements.

With the taber abrasion tester test, the abrasion resistance of automotive knitted fabrics can be effectively assessed, providing important reference data for automotive manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the quality and reliability of automotive interior materials.

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