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Elevator wire rope how to use tension machine test stretch?

2023-03-23 15:16

Lift wire rope as the name implies, is used in the lift wire rope, with the most small manned lift, in the commercial residential district, lift wire rope specifications model generally with 8 * 19S + FC-8mm, 8 * 19S + FC-10mm.

How to do the mechanical experiment of elevator steel wire rope, according to what standard? What instruments and equipment to buy? Today Haida Xiaobian to give you a talk.

Steel wire test standards

GBT 228.1-2010 metal materials tensile test Part 1: room temperature test method

GBT 8358-2006 Steel wire rope breaking tensile test method

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Tensile test methods

Steel wire rope tensile test methods are: casting method, sleeve pressure method, winding method and direct clamping method.

1, under general circumstances, the test should be carried out at room temperature from 10℃ to 35℃. If there are special requirements, the test temperature should be at 23℃±5℃.

2, the test should be smooth stretching, when the applied tension is not greater than 80% of the minimum breaking force of the wire rope, the test force can be applied quickly, and then slowly increase, the applied stress rate is about 10MPa/s.

3, for casting method, will cast a good specimen placed in the jaw seat, you can carry out tensile test, for vertical tensile machine testing machine, let the lower jaw overhang, adjust the specimen, so that it coincides with the jaw seat axis, adjust the zero point of the testing machine, and then implement the tensile test.

4, for the set of pressure method, the pressure of the casing of the specimen, directly clamped in the jaws, you can implement the tensile test.

5, for the direct clamping method, the specimen will be directly clamped in the jaws at both ends, you can implement the tensile test.

6, for the winding method, the first end of the specimen clamped, then the specimen around the test wheel, tighten the specimen, and finally clamp the other end, you can implement the tensile test.

7, in testing the wire rope breaking tension, if you need to determine the elongation, it is recommended that the casting method according to the agreement can also be measured for the first time broken wire tension or broken strand tension, fracture characteristics and other items.

8、If the specimen is broken within 1d (30mm) from the clevis or cutting point, the test is invalid, when its measured breaking tension meets the relevant standards, the test is valid, otherwise the test is invalid.

9、Judgment result: the specimen broken strand (monofilament rope broken wire) when the tension, as the actual measured breaking tension.

10、For the arbitration test, if the product standard does not provide, then the test method is determined by the disputing parties.

Mechanical testing equipment

Computerised multi-functional testing machine is recommended. The relative error of the tester is less than ±1%. The range of the tester, in terms of the transducer, is 2% to 100% of the test force measurement range.

Test machine fixture

The fixture used to hold the specimen is connected to the tensile machine so that the long axis of the specimen coincides with the direction of tension through the centre line of the fixture, for example by means of an alignment pin on the fixture. This type of fixture is best used when the specimen to be held should be prevented from sliding against the fixture as far as possible; when the tension applied to the specimen is increased, the increased holding force on the specimen is maintained and does not cause premature damage to the specimen at the fixture.

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