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What is the principle and working process of the Fabric penetration tester?

2023-03-16 11:59

The fabric penetration tester is a test device for testing the water resistance of fabric materials. Its principle and working process are as follows.


A container containing water (water pressure) is connected to the test instrument's platen through a conduit and made to exert pressure, resulting in the water pressure being applied to the fabric to be tested and the water resistance of the fabric being displayed through the display, which is a measure of the water pressure content of the fabric material. The probe of the test apparatus touches the fabric and reads the value of the apparatus showing the water barrier properties of the fabric.

fabric penetration tester.jpg

Working process:

1. Preparation: the fabric sample to be tested is placed on the test apparatus and made to lay flat to ensure that the probe of the test apparatus and the test sample can be in full contact, the internal sink of the test apparatus is filled with water and the water pressure is controlled at the specified pressure.

2. Test process: The probe of the test apparatus is mechanically applied to the test sample by applying a certain pressure to the test sample, which will then apply water pressure on the sample; the test apparatus will record the magnitude of the water pressure on the sample at this point, so that it can be inferred how well the sample can be insulated from water.

3. Test results: At the end of the test, the results are stored in memory and displayed on the display.

In summary, the principle of the Fabric penetration tester is to use a certain amount of water pressure to pass through the surface of the fabric and to observe the time and hydraulic pressure of the water passing through the fabric sample to deduce the water barrier properties of the fabric material. The working process requires strict adherence to the test parameters to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data.

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