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UV aging test chamber lamp replacement method

2023-02-16 12:49

The UV aging test chamber is used in a wide range of industries, mainly in plastics, paints and coatings, LED optoelectronics, LED lighting, glues, adhesives, shell packaging, metal plating, LED displays, building materials, LED packaging materials, hardware moulds, printing and packaging, etc. under changes in UV sunlight, humidity, temperature, condensation and other climatic conditions to test the products and materials concerned. The UV aging test is used to evaluate the life of products in outdoor use.

The UV lamp is a very important accessory in the UV aging test chamber, and it can be said that without the UV lamp, the UV aging test would have little meaning. In order to avoid inaccurate test data due to the decay of the fluorescent lamp, it is necessary to replace the lamp with a new one.

UV aging test chamber

The light source of a standard UV aging test chamber is made up of 8 lamps, which are distributed in parallel on both sides of the equipment.

Firstly, firstly, from the back above the stall door of the electrical department, remove the UV temperature sensor panel and the other panels. Secondly, open the door from both sides of the case, unplug the fluorescent tubes from both sides and slowly take the tubes out from the inside. Put the new lamp in place and then install the removed fittings afterwards.

Finally, we should also note that when replacing the lamp in the UV aging test chamber, the surrounding area must be cleaned and the lamp must be fixed after installation with the centre of the lamp at a distance of 50 mm.

As UV aging test chambers are expensive, the environment in which they are used is also quite strict. Therefore, it is recommended that you place the equipment in a place where the ambient temperature is between 8°C and 23°C. If the equipment cannot reach the specified temperature, the room temperature can be adjusted by air conditioning. In addition, the place where the equipment is placed should also pay attention to the circulation of air and the cleanliness of the room.

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