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What can be tested with the 45 degree burner tester and how does it work?

2023-02-09 12:49

The 45 degree burner tester is mainly used for the combustion performance of textiles and can measure the time to 0.1s precisely.

1. Intensity and speed of combustion test.

Under the specified conditions, the specimen is first placed at an angle of 45°, the specimen is lit for 1s, and then the specimen is flamed upwards for a certain distance as a measure of the burning intensity of the textile. With the surface pile of the fabric, the backing of the ignition or melting as an additional indicator of the intensity of combustion.

Flammability Chamber

2、Damage area and damage length test.

In the prescribed test conditions, the 45 ° direction of the textile specimen ignition, the measurement of the fabric burning after the renewal and negative combustion time, damage area and damage length.

3、Number of contact flame test.

In the prescribed test conditions, the 45 ° direction of the textile specimen ignition, measurement of fabric burning from the lower end of the specimen 90mm need to contact the flame times.

Test standard:

ASTM D 1230, FTMS 191-5908, CFR 16 Part 1610, CALIF TB 117, NFPA 702, GB/T 14644

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