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11 ways to operate the Nike flat shoe folding resistance tester

2023-02-08 10:42

Nike Flat Shoes Folding Resistance Tester is suitable for all kinds of rubber made Nike Flat Shoes, PU and other materials after 90° bending test, to observe its damage and cracking degree, in order to judge the merits of the material.

Nike Flat Shoes

Nike flat shoe folding resistance tester 11 operation methods.

1. Inspect the sample. If there is debris on the surface, wipe it with a gauze dipped in alcohol.

2. Assemble the sample with a collapsible test last of the appropriate size. The last is normally 5mm smaller than the shoe size.

3、Clamp the sample in the fixture of the bending tester, with the toe flexion part of the Nike flat upper coinciding with the axis of the movable axis of the fixture (if there is a cut, the cut part should be on this axis).

4、Adjust the eccentric distance of the testing machine to make the bending angle reach the specified angle.

5, the tester will be placed in zui small flexural angle state, observe the heel position, so that the specimen is in a natural state, not bending in any direction, or adjust the angle of tilt of the fixture so that it is in a natural state, and then adjust the flexural angle.

6、Put the tester in the zui large flexion angle state, cut a 5mm long cut in the middle of the toe flexion part of the Nike flat shoe upper, cut through the Nike flat shoe.

7, clear the tester counter, the number of bending and bending frequency preset to the specified value, start the blower after starting the host.

8, the test machine running process, observe the clamping of the specimen. If there is loose or bending position changes, should promptly stop and adjust.

9, the testing machine according to the preset number of stops, measured with vernier calipers, visually inspect the changes in the specimen.

10、Put the tester in the zui big deviation state, measure the length of the cut of Nike flat shoes after expansion, as well as the length and number of new cracks.

11、Remove the sample from the holder, leave it in its natural state and observe the changes on its upper surface, the Nike Flats and the joint area of the Nike Flats (including the waistband and the bottom wall).

Bending-Folding-Stiffness TestersBending-Folding-Stiffness Testers

The Nike Flats Folding Resistance Tester is suitable for testing the bending resistance of finished shoes and Nike Flats (pieces) at room temperature. The principle is to install the finished shoes or Nike flat shoes on the bending resistance tester, bend the test at a certain angle and frequency, after a certain number of bending times, measure the crack (mouth) of Nike flat shoes and rubber strips and the length of the rubber mouth, and observe the changes in Nike flat shoes.

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