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5 Knowledge about UV Aging Test Chamber Lamp

2022-12-22 11:19

UV Aging Test Chamber uses fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as the light source to accelerate the weathering test of oak and plastic by simulating the ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight to obtain the results of the weathering resistance of materials. In combination with temperature control, humidity supply and other devices, it simulates the color, brightness and intensity of materials; The sun (UV high temperature, high humidity, condensation, dark cycle and other factors damaged by cracking, peeling, crushing, oxidation, etc.) can reduce or invalidate the single light resistance or single moisture resistance of materials through the synergistic effect of UV and water, which is widely used to evaluate the weather resistance of materials.

1, the effective service life of ordinary UV lamps is generally about 500 hours, QINSUN UV Aging Test Chamber lamp life between 1600 ~ 1800 hours. When using UV Aging Test Chamber pay attention to the aging of the lamp. If there is a lot of blackened areas, the lamp should be replaced immediately to avoid insufficient germicidal effect.

2, commonly used UV curing light sources mainly include mercury vapor lamps, metal halide lamps, induction lamps and xenon lamps. From the structure of the lamps, lamps can be divided into two different types of UV lamp system: with electrode lamps (arc lamps) and electrodeless lamps (electrodeless lamps).

UV Aging Test Chamber

3, it is strictly prohibited to start the UV Aging Test Chamber frequently , especially in a short period of time to ensure the service life of the UV lamp. According to water quality, UV lamps and quartz glass casing need to be cleaned regularly, wipe the lamp with an alcohol cotton ball or gauze to remove the dirt and clean the quartz glass casing, so as not to affect the transmission rate of ultraviolet radiation, affecting the sterilization effect.

4, when replacing the lamp, first unplug the lamp power socket, pull out the lamp, then carefully insert the cleaned new lamp into the sterilizer, install the seal, check for leaks, and then insert the power. Be careful not to touch the quartz glass of the new lamp with your fingers, otherwise the sterilization effect will be affected by the stain.

5. Ultraviolet light has strong killing power to bacteria, and also has certain harm to human body. When starting the disinfection lamp, avoid direct exposure to the human body. If necessary, use protective glasses. Do not look directly at the light source with your eyes to avoid burning the eye membranes.

Provide sunlight UV Aging Test Chamber UV simulation, low cost of use and maintenance, easy to use, the equipment uses a program controller to automatically run the test cycle, high degree of automation, good lighting stability, high reproduction rate of test results, suitable for evaluating a variety of products or materials and plastics, coatings, rubber, coatings, petrochemical, automotive, textile and other industries product aging test and artificial climate accelerated test methods.

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