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Oil pressure air pressure optional - artificial blood vessel film burst strength tester

2022-06-14 11:33

The film rupture strength test is an instrument applied to test the strength of artificial blood vessel film burst, the following specific information about this equipment!

1. Principle

A flat ring fixture is used to fix a piece of the tested artificial blood vessel sample on top of the elastic film and increase the pressure underneath the film until the sample ruptures.

Note: This method is not suitable for tightly woven artificial blood vessels.

2. Apparatus

The apparatus consists of a rupture strength tester according to GB/Din 7742, but with a clamping ring of typically 100 mm2 to hold the sample in place. However, for smaller samples in the natural state, then a jig with a smaller opening is required. In this case, the size of the opening should be recorded

G229P pneumatic bursting strength tester.jpg

3. Sampling

Sampling should be

4. Test procedure

Cut a section along the longitudinal axis of the vascular sample and smooth it out to a uniform thickness. Place the sample over the opening in the test apparatus so that it is completely covered with film, and if there are wrinkles, smooth them out without distorting the structure of the preparation. Secure the sample with the compression ring. Increase the pressure uniformly. Record the pressure value at the time of vessel rupture.

5. Presentation of results

The rupture strength value for each sample should be recorded in kilopascals (kPa), the size of the 11-diameter in square millimeters, and the internal diameter of the sample tested in millimeters.

6. Test Report and Additional Comments

The test report shall include the mean and standard deviation of the rupture strength of the vessel sample, and if the opening area is less than 100 mm2 , the opening area shall be recorded

7. Specified details. If not included in the test report, then additional instructions should include the test method, pressurization rate, and caliber size.

After reading the above introduction, it is estimated that you have a new understanding of artificial blood vessel film bursting strength tester, welcome to buy hydraulic bursting strength tester customers contact us!

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