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Quality Characteristic Test-Textile Test Report (Part 1)

2022-06-13 13:28

In the routine textile testing, do you also have such doubts when you get the test report? The following editor will introduce to you the meaning of the data in the results of the routine testing items for textiles!

Quality characteristics

1) Wear resistance

The test results of wear resistance are generally reflected in appearance changes, total friction times, and mass loss. The most commonly used method is to evaluate the wear resistance of the fabric according to the total friction times of the sample damage. The more times, the better the resistance of the fabric to abrasion. For example, in GB/T 32614-2016 "Outdoor Sports Clothing Jackets", the wear resistance is required to be ≥ 10,000 times (the front of the fabric is not damaged); FZ/T 81006-2017 "Cowboy Clothing" is a qualified product with a gram weight of more than 339g/m2. Requires ≥20,000 times, and fabrics of 339g/m2 and below require ≥10,000 times.

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Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester.jpg

2) Anti-pilling

The test results of anti-pilling are generally reflected in grades. The higher the grade, the better the performance of the fabric against pilling. The rating is divided into 5 grades, 5 is the best and 1 is the worst. In most product standards, the requirements for qualified products are level 3, while the requirements for products containing wool are lower. Generally, the requirements for first-class products are level 3. Some products have exemption conditions, such as sanding and fleece. , flocking, etc., do not require assessment itself.

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ICI Pilling and Snagging Tester.jpg

3) Anti-drilling down

The test result of anti-drilling down is reflected by the number of down drilled down. The more the number of down, the worse the result, which means the worse the performance of the fabric to prevent down drilling, and vice versa. Of course, the test methods are not the same, the results will be different, there is no comparability between the methods. Our common woven down garments in the current version of GB/T 14272-2011 require ≤50 pieces of qualified products, ≤15 pieces of first-class products, and ≤5 pieces of superior products.

The content of the quality characteristics testing of textiles is the above three standards. If you want to buy textile testing equipment, please leave a message with us!

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