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Test method and instrument for moisture permeability of medical protective clothing

2022-06-07 00:20

Medical protective clothing has a very good isolation effect on bacteria and viruses. Protective equipment is an extremely important line of defense to protect medical workers from bacterial infection. Therefore, it is particularly important to use medical protective clothing testing equipment to ensure the quality of medical protective equipment.

medical protective clothing

The medical protective clothing testing equipment produced by QINSUN is based on the testing requirements of GB19082 "Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable Protective Equipment". The company provides high-quality testing equipment for disposable protective equipment manufacturers by strictly controlling the production quality of the equipment.

testing method:

Weighing method (cup method) water vapor transmission rate tester: follow the standards GB/T 1037, GB/T 16928, ISO 2528, ASTM E96, ASTM D1653, TAPPI T464, DIN 53122-1, JIS Z0208, YBB 00092003 -2015 and more

Infrared sensor method moisture permeability tester: follow the standard ISO 15106-2, ASTM F1249, GB/T 26253, TAPPI T557, JIS K7129, YBB 00092003-2015, etc.

Test principle:

1. Infrared method:

Using the test principle of infrared sensor method, the pretreated sample is clamped between the test chambers, nitrogen with stable relative humidity flows on one side of the film, and dry nitrogen flows on the other side of the film; due to the existence of humidity gradient , the water vapor will diffuse from the high-humidity side through the film to the low-humidity side; on the low-humidity side, the passing water vapor is carried to the infrared sensor by the flowing dry nitrogen, and an electrical signal of the same proportion will be generated when entering the sensor. Signal analysis and calculation, so as to obtain parameters such as the water vapor transmission rate of the sample. For packaging containers, dry nitrogen flows inside the container, and the outside of the container is in a high humidity state.

water vapor permeability tester manufacturer.jpg

2. Weighing method:

Using the test principle of the moisture permeable cup weighing method, at a certain temperature, a specific humidity difference is formed on both sides of the sample, and the water vapor enters the dry side through the sample in the moisture permeable cup. The variation of the cup weight with time can be used to obtain parameters such as the water vapor transmission rate of the sample.

QINSUN Instrument has been committed to providing cost-effective overall solutions for customers in most countries. The company's core purpose is to continue to innovate, create high-precision testing instruments, meet the quality control needs of different customers in the industry, and look forward to cooperating with enterprises in the industry. Units to enhance exchanges and cooperation.

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