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QINSUNGlow Wire Testing Machine After Sales Questions and Answers

2022-06-01 00:12

Glow Wire Testing Machine is mainly used to test lighting equipment, electronic products, household appliances, ignition, ignition temperature, flammability and flammability index, etc. The equipment adopts high temperature sprayed steel structure and imported instrument display, easy operation and stable test performance. This set of equipment is mainly used for flame retardancy testing of quality supervision departments and related companies. When using Lishan RS-3H Glow Wire Testing Machine, you may encounter the following problems. The Lishan engineer team has listed the answers to the following questions for your reference , which will help you solve the problem yourself.

Q: The position of the stopper is wrong

Answer: The position of the stopper needs to be debugged according to the test sample. Please refer to the instruction manual for the debugging steps. Every time you change a different sample, try to confirm and debug the position of the stopper.

Glow Wire Testing Machine

Q: The touch screen button ABC is malfunctioning and cannot be clicked

A: Before each new operation, you need to click D RESET to continue the operation.

Q: Glow wire temperature is not stable

Answer: The glow wire is heated by a large current that is adjusted. It takes a certain time for the current to stabilize until the temperature is stable, so when adjusting the current, it should be adjusted slowly. If the current changes too much, the temperature of the glow wire will be unstable and it is not good for the equipment. After the sample is installed, the door of the device should be closed. Too much air flow will also affect the temperature of the glow wire and will not meet the test standards.

Q: After using the device for a period of time, the glow wire does not reach the specified temperature

Answer: After each use of the glow wire, you need to use a steel brush to clean the residue of the U-shaped head. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the temperature of the glow wire and the test effect.

Glow Wire Testing Machine.jpg

Q: The temperature displayed on the screen does not match the actual temperature of the scorching hot

Answer: The actual temperature of the glow wire can be confirmed by the silver sheet. If the temperature displayed on the screen is inconsistent with the actual temperature, the possible reason is that the glow wire has been used for too long and needs to be replaced with a new glow wire tip. Or the contact between the thermocouple and the glow wire is loose .

Glow wires and thermocouples are consumables. Glow Wire Testing Machine needs to be replaced after working for about 60 hours. QINSUN focuses on the production, R&D and sales of Glow Wire Tester in Europe, the United States, Russia, India and South Korea All have set up showrooms and resident sales representatives. In 2012, they set up a research and development center and a world-class testing laboratory in Shanghai. The whole series of products are developed and produced in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015; it is also a CIE member of the International Lighting Association, and all products meet the requirements of CIE; in addition, OUR products have passed CE certification and obtained the qualification for exporting to the EU.

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