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The Ultimate Revelation Of Flammability Tester

2022-05-27 09:01

Combustion test is a site method in which various materials are subjected to combustion tests under different conditions and then rated according to the combustion results. The UL94 Vertical Flammability Tester is the most widely used standard for the flammability performance of plastic materials. It is used to evaluate the ability of a material to extinguish after being ignited.

Product introduction:

UL94 Vertical Flammability Tester uses the German Kleinbrenner (Kleinbrenner) principle to measure the combustion performance of building materials under the direct impact of a small flame in the vertical direction. Suitable for classes B, C, D, E, Bfl, Cfl, Dfl and Efl related to the testing of building materials, the unit provides a total solution for operator convenience. The tester also complies with DIN 4102; Part 1; Class B2 and other test requirements.

Performance characteristics:

1. The box adopts all stainless steel structure, which can resist corrosion and greatly prolong the life of the product;

2. The front and side are equipped with two tempered glass doors for easy observation and testing;

3. Provide standard stainless steel sample holder and wide stainless steel sample holder;

4. The ignition source can be placed vertically or at 45 degrees, suitable for bottom and edge ignition;

5. The flame height is adjusted by the precision needle valve;

6. Provide flame height measuring device and sample distance measuring gauge;

7. The sample holder can be moved up and down and left and right by mechanical setting.

Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber.jpg


DIN German Standards Association: DIN 5510-2

ISO International Organization for Standardization: ISO 11925-2:2010

EN European Standard: CSN EN 13501-1+A1: 2009

GB Chinese Standard: GB 8624: 2012, GB/T 8626: 2007

IEC International Electrotechnical Commission: IEC 61730-2: 2016

UL94 Vertical Flammability Tester is manufactured according to the US Flammability Fabric Regulations (FFA), which is a mandatory testing standard of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC); it is mainly used in the flame retardant performance testing of polyethylene plastic film materials, and its product testing The range is primarily non-rigid and unsupported polyethylene film materials, including transparent, translucent and opaque materials.

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