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Introduction of 7 structural features of UV ultraviolet aging tester

2022-05-23 14:33

UV ultraviolet aging tester is used to test the aging phenomenon of organic materials such as non-metallic materials, coatings, paints, rubber, plastics and their products under climatic conditions such as sunlight, humidity, temperature and condensation. Discoloration, fading, etc. are obtained in a short period of time.

Structural features of UV UV aging tester:

1. The inner tank is made of imported high-grade stainless steel, and the outer tank of the box is sprayed with A3 steel plate, which increases the appearance texture and cleanliness;

2. The UV aging test machine is processed and formed by CNC machine tools, with beautiful appearance, and the cover is a two-way flip type, which is easy to operate;

3. The water level of the inner tank is automatically replenished;

4. The sample holder is composed of a gasket and an extension spring, both of which are made of aluminum alloy materials;

5. The heating method is the inner tank water tank heating, the temperature rises quickly, and the temperature distribution is uniform;

6. The bottom adopts high-quality fixed PU movable wheel;

7. The drainage system of the UV aging tester adopts the vortex type and U-shaped sedimentation device to drain water, which is convenient for users to clean.

Which brand of UV aging tester is better?

Choose the brand of UV aging test box as far as possible to choose manufacturers with R&D and production strength for comparison, and then choose the final brand manufacturer of UV aging test box according to the technical requirements and price of their products.


The UV aging test box is used for the reliability aging test of the product, so the performance of the equipment is very important to the accuracy of the test results, so the selection of the UV aging test box must pay attention to the lamps and control systems used in the equipment. . The unqualified lamp tube only has a weak ultraviolet effect in the test, and most of the functions are only lighting. It is conceivable that the test results are naturally inaccurate. When purchasing, be sure to ask whether the lamp is produced by a reliable manufacturer. There is also the control system, such as the precise control system of Duohe test and German Weiss, which can reasonably arrange the operation status of each accessory unit of the equipment, greatly reducing the failure rate of the equipment, and the general service life is more than 25 years. However, there are many brands of UV aging test chambers on the market because they do not have research and development technology, and the control systems used are the control systems that come with the control instruments. It is easy to cause failures when used in equipment, and the general service life will not exceed ten years. year. Therefore, when choosing a brand of UV aging test chamber, try to choose a manufacturer with independent research and development strength.

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