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What are the design requirements of ozone aging test chamber?

2022-05-23 01:29

The ozone aging test chamber that simulates and strengthens atmospheric ozone conditions can study the effect of ozone on the color fastness of fabrics, and quickly identify and evaluate the ozone fastness of products. It consists of three parts: ozone control system, temperature control system and humidity control system.

The ozone control system is composed of ozone generator, sensor and controller to keep the indoor ozone concentration constant; the temperature control system provides a stable temperature of 20~40℃ for the laboratory, which is realized by heating by electric heating wire. It has the function of real-time measurement and adjustment of thermocouple; the humidity control system provides stable humidity to the laboratory, and humidification is realized by passing steam. Equipped with wet and dry bulb hygrometer for real-time measurement and adjustment. During the experiment, a certain temperature, humidity and ozone environment were simulated to observe the change of fabric color, and the color fastness was compared and evaluated.

What are the requirements for the overall design of the ozone aging test chamber?

1. Overall structure: The instrument consists of a sample holder, a control room, a laboratory, a water tank, a drive motor, an exhaust fan, and an ozone generator.

2. Structural requirements.

2.1. The inside of the box is made of stainless steel, which is strictly sealed except for the device channel. It must have good thermal insulation performance, and the cavity wall needs to be filled with thermal insulation cotton. The design of the base plate of the specimen requires the rapid removal of condensed water droplets.

2.2. It is divided into front and rear halves by the partition. The partition is offset from the top and bottom, accounting for about three-quarters of the height, and is offset from the top and bottom.

2.3. An observation window composed of double-layer glass is installed on the box door, and the lighting lamp is installed between the two layers of glass.

2.4. A sample holder is placed in the box, and its shape is a hollow disc supported by a pillar. The sample holder is connected to a drive motor by a bearing, and the motor is installed below the test chamber. The motor drives the sample holder to rotate slowly, and the speed can reach 0-10rpm.

2.5. Rear cavity: the air stirring motor is installed on the upper part. Side mounted heating wire, steam inlet pipe, ozone gas pipeline. The vapor generating device is located outside the test chamber and can be installed in the control chamber. The generated steam is blown in through pipes and fans. It is forbidden for water droplets to enter with the steam in the box, and the bottom is passed into the box through pipes, requiring good ventilation conditions, and an exhaust fan is installed on the exhaust device.

Xenon lamp aging test chamber

3. Water supply requirements.

3.1. The sink must be large enough to install water inlet and outlet.

3.2. The water tank is equipped with a water pump, the water level is high, and the valley alarms. Wet and dry bulbs and steam generators provide moisture through artesian water.

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