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What is the reason for the yellowing and blackening of the xenon aging tester lamp?

2022-05-03 21:29

The light source in the xenon lamp aging tester is mostly used xenon lamp, because the xenon lamp emits a spectrum very close to daylight, most laboratories use it to do outdoor simulation of light sources, aging tests for industrial products.

The difference between UV fluorescent lamps and xenon lamps is the limited power, UV fluorescent lamps are generally 5 to 100 W. And the power of xenon lamps can range from 10,000 W to hundreds of thousands of W. The working temperature of xenon lamps is very high, can not rely on natural cooling alone, but also does not require forced cooling, you can use air-cooled or water-cooled. Therefore, there are air-cooled xenon lamps on the market, there are also water-cooled xenon lamps, xenon lamps with higher luminous efficiency, about 24 to 37 lumens / watt, water-cooled xenon lamp luminous efficiency of up to 60 lumens / watt, the general life of up to 3,000 hours.

A 50,000-watt xenon lamp emits light equivalent to 1,000 100-watt fluorescent lamps or 90 400-watt high-pressure water mercury lamps. Because xenon lamps emit light close to daylight, xenon aging test chambers can be used for fabric color testing, pharmaceuticals, plastic aging test, paint light aging test, as artificial aging light source, simulating daylight, etc.

Xenon lamp aging test chamber

In addition, the xenon lamp is very important, but also its consumables, the normal use is in about 1200 hours. Xenon lamp aging box is divided into water-cooled and air-cooled cooling in two ways, water-cooled need to use the water source, while the water quality and water flow is very important, the water quality is not good or insufficient water flow, will cause the xenon lamp becomes yellow and black.

Why xenon lamp aging tester lamp will become yellow and black?

Water-cooled xenon lamp aging tester is a high-pressure inert gas xenon gas as a discharge medium and excitation of light-emitting lamps, the structure of the coaxial inner and outer tubes, the inner tube for the xenon lamp wick, the inner and outer tubes are connected to the cooling water. Xenon lamp and the sun's spectrum is similar to the long-arc water-cooled DC xenon lamp can be dimmable from 1-100, its spectral distribution and color temperature is basically unchanged, can be used in color inspection, fabric coating aging, solar cell testing, photochemical reactions and many other fields.

2. long-arc water-cooled xenon lamp is a high-pressure discharge lamp, so it should be taken lightly to prevent impact. In the installation and commissioning, staff should wear protective masks and gloves to prevent strong ultraviolet light burns skin and eyes.

3. long-arc water-cooled xenon lamp installation position horizontal and vertical can be. Special attention: DC xenon lamp anode volume is large cylindrical to receive positive electricity, DC xenon lamp cathode volume is small conical to receive negative electricity, electrodes are strictly prohibited to reverse, reverse xenon lamp soon scrapped. When connecting the xenon lamp electrode leads, do not make the xenon lamp head under pressure, so as not to break the xenon lamp head.

4. with the long-arc water-cooled xenon lamp supporting the power supply, to take the current ripple coefficient is low, the start of the small impact current power supply, in order to ensure and extend the life of the lamp.

The above is the xenon lamp aging tester lamp becomes yellow and black 4 common causes, there are friends who buy, please give QINSUN message!

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