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How does a Wearable Cooling & Dehumidifying Equipment work?

2022-04-21 11:59

Recently published research shows that the team of Chen Renkun and Xu Sheng from the University of California, San Diego has developed a wearable Wearable Cooling & Dehumidifying Equipment: adjust the temperature to 10 degrees, and in just 2 minutes, you can return from the sweltering heat to the cold. in a comfortable environment.

As we all know, indoor heating and cooling are major energy consumers, accounting for more than 10% of the global total energy consumption. You must know that the power of human metabolism is only 100 watts to 150 watts, while the per capita energy consumption of heating, ventilation and air conditioning is as high as 1500 watts, which means a huge waste of energy. In addition, for outdoor workers such as firefighters and construction workers, it is impossible to completely avoid the heat and heat stroke.

PPE Wearable Cooling & Dehumidifying equipment

As a result, wearable Wearable Cooling & Dehumidifying Equipment is an alternative solution: saving energy and making it easier for people to move around outdoors.

However, there has been a lack of flexible wearable thermoelectric devices with sustainable temperature regulation. While it is possible to achieve active cooling in air-conditioning equipment, that is, heat can be pumped from the cold side to the hot side, the miniaturization of such equipment so that it is easy to wear the device is very challenging. Most existing cooling devices are bulky and difficult to integrate into garments, such as commercially available cooling vests that contain circulating coolant, are bulky, and have unadjustable cooling power.

Thermoelectric devices have thus become a popular solution because they are solid, can be miniaturized, and can be easily adjusted for heating and cooling. However, the existing thermoelectric thermostats do not exhibit sustainable active cooling performance due to material properties.

The invention of the UC San Diego team overcomes this problem. This invention is equivalent to a portable air conditioner, only more energy-efficient and more convenient. The researchers designed the device into an armband shape that can be worn lightly. Today's invention is not an innovation in materials science. In fact, we still use more traditional thermoelectric materials for materials. Our main innovation is the integration of traditional materials into flexible devices, which can be directly attached to human skin. It can be said that this is an integrated invention.

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