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How does the Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester work?

2022-03-30 09:03

The Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester is a grinding machine that grinds the surface of a workpiece with a coated or embedded abrasive tool. It is mainly used for grinding high-precision planes, inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, spherical surfaces, threaded surfaces and other surfaces in workpieces. The main types of Abrasion Resistance Tester are disc type Abrasion Resistance Tester, reel type Abrasion Resistance Tester and various special Abrasion Resistance Tester.

How the single-sided Abrasion Resistance Tester works:

The grinding and polishing materials are placed on the grinding disc, the grinding disc rotates counterclockwise, the correction wheel drives the workpiece to rotate, the workpiece is pressed by gravity, and the workpiece and the grinding disc are rubbed against each other to achieve the purpose of grinding and polishing. The grinding disc dressing mechanism adopts the hydraulic suspension guide rail to reciprocate back and forth, and the diamond dressing knife performs precise dressing on the grinding surface of the grinding disc to obtain an ideal plane effect.

Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester

How the Double Sided Abrasion Resistance Tester works:

The upper and lower grinding discs rotate in opposite directions, and the workpiece performs a planetary motion of both revolution and rotation in the carrier. The grinding resistance is small and does not damage the workpiece, and the two sides are evenly ground and the production efficiency is high. With grating thickness control system, the thickness tolerance of processed products can be controlled. The setup of the double-sided Abrasion Resistance Tester includes two grinding discs, a cruise wheel, four motors, a sun wheel, a shaving machine, and more. Compared with the two, the structure of the double-sided Abrasion Resistance Tester is relatively more complicated, but if the workpiece needs to be ground on both sides, the efficiency of the double-sided machine is virtually twice that of the single-sided machine. The birth and development of this double-sided Abrasion Resistance Tester has brought improvements to the production efficiency of many industries. Silicon wafers, sapphire substrates, epitaxial wafers, etc. in the optical glass industry are mostly used.

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