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How to maintain the 45 Degree Automatic Flammability Tester?

2022-03-29 09:36

The 45 Degree Automatic Flammability Tester is used for the determination of the flammability of clothing textiles. It measures the intensity and speed of burning of flammable textiles once they are ignited. It can also test the damaged area and damaged length of textile fabrics at 45° and heated. The number of exposures to flame when melting to a specified length.

45 Degree Automatic Flammability Tester Care and Maintenance:

1. The gas tank of the combustion tester should have a pressure reducing valve, and the main valve should be closed and opened reliably.

45 Degree Automatic Flammability Tester

2. Two people should be present during the combustion test of the combustion tester. One person is responsible for the operation of the sample test, and the other is responsible for supervision. Before the test, check whether the gas pipeline is leaking. Check whether it is sealed to avoid accidents. During the test, the tester in charge of supervision approached the main valve of the gas tank, closed the main valve in time if any abnormality was found, and found the cause. After the test, the main valve must be closed tightly.

3. The test box of the combustion tester should be installed in a test cabinet with non-current air but with natural ventilation. During the test, the air flow should be prevented to prevent the burner from flashing back. At the end of the test, the fan can be started to remove the flue gas.

4. The input power supply of the combustion tester is AC220V±10%, and a three-pole socket with a ground wire is used to ensure reliable grounding.

5. When the combustion tester is electrically controlled, the time relay must control the burner to return to its original position after the time is up.

6. The laboratory of the combustion tester should be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment. Check the gas circuit regularly. The burner should not be hit by heavy objects or bent vigorously, so as not to damage the burner and affect the test.

7. When using the heavy hammer stop switch, the heavy hammer does not need to be suspended too high to protect the stop switch.

NOTE: Clean the test chamber for burning residues and burn marks on the specimen holder and inner walls.

The 45 Degree Automatic Flammability Tester is a metal product, which is prone to rust when exposed to moisture for a long time. The test environment should be kept dry and rust-proof treatment should be carried out regularly.

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