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6 Tips Xenon lamp aging test chamber Checking Circuit Failures

2022-03-21 12:41

Usually, the inspection of Xenon lamp aging test chamber circuit fault can be checked by the following methods.

Xenon lamp aging test chamber

1. Check: Check whether the circuit connection is dropped, whether the components are defective or open, whether the circuit is soldered or short-circuited, whether the resistance is burnt, whether the capacitor is bursting or leaking oil, and whether the fuse is blown. , Whether the fan motor and compressor are working normally, etc.

2. Touch: If the internal winding of the transformer is short-circuited, the temperature rise will increase: Is the temperature rise of the fan motor normal: Is the compressor working, whether the condenser is hot and the electrolytic capacitor has a large leakage, and the dielectric loss increases, which will also make it The temperature rise can touch these parts to find faults.

3. Listen: Turn on the power and listen carefully to see if there is any abnormal sound in the machine.

4. Look: whether there is smoke in the machine, whether there are scorched traces on components and wires, whether there are cracks on the circuit board, etc.

5. Smell: Whether there is a burnt smell in the machine, or whether there is a burnt smell in transformers, motors, etc.

6. Vibration: Regarding the control board, you can tap the insulated handle of a screwdriver quietly to find the virtual solder joints of the circuit.

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