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Analysis of Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin Technology

2022-03-08 10:46

The Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin is a general-purpose instrument for thermal performance experiments of clothing. It is widely used in clothing, occupational health, environment, fire protection, petroleum, traffic safety, aerospace, construction and other fields.

Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin is an instrument that simulates the heat and moisture exchange between the human body and the environment. It is a new biophysical test method gradually developed since the 1940s. Its body size is similar to that of an ordinary adult. , back, abdomen, buttocks, upper posture, hands, lower posture and feet and other anatomical segments, the Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin body is made of copper, aluminum or fiberglass, and can use internal heating, inner surface heating and outer surface heating. When using the internal or internal surface heating method, in order to keep the surface temperature uniform, materials with high thermal conductivity, such as copper or aluminum, must be used.

Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin

To date, more than 100 Walter Sweating Fabric Manikins have been developed worldwide. According to its use, it can be divided into: Dry Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin, Sweaty Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin, Breathing Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin, Immersion Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin, Numerical Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin, Small Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin, Warm Body Prosthetics and Prosthetics head.

Test principle edit:

Put the dummy in the artificial climate chamber, heat the dummy body with a certain power, and stabilize the surface temperature at about 33 degrees Celsius through the control mechanism, according to the difference between the surface temperature and the ambient temperature and in order to keep the surface temperature of the dummy constant The heat supply required is used to calculate the thermal resistance of the garment, which is then used to evaluate the thermal performance of the garment.

Device Description:

Thermal Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin is widely used to measure and evaluate the thermal and humidity comfort of textiles, clothing, protective clothing, as well as automobiles and aircraft in dynamic thermal environments. The model consists of epoxy metal with built-in heating, temperature sensors and an optional integral flow supply system to simulate metabolic heat and sweat excretion levels. ThermDAC software, dedicated to Dell Pentium-based computers, controls the temperature of the manikin and all data that can be displayed by the internal system. The system is provided in the form of a mannequin with a fully automatic unit, control electronics, computer and software.

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