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What parameters should a car test dummy pay attention to?

2022-01-19 11:55

For the car test dummy, everyone must know what is going on. It plays an important role in the safety of the car. However, we should not underestimate it. It has many parameters for different experimental situations. So, what are the specific parameters of the car test dummy? Listen to what Standard Group (Hong Kong) has to say!


What are the specific parameters of the car test dummy? Most of the standard group (Hong Kong) dummies are made of metal and plastic. The chest cavity is made of steel, the shoulder blades are made of aluminum, and the pelvis is made of plastic. By the 300,000 mark, the mannequin is equipped with about 60 sensors.

Three mannequins for car crashes:

1. 50% mannequin: represents a medium figure with a height of 177 cm and a weight of 86 kg;

2. 95% mannequin: representing a large figure with a height of 188 cm and a weight of 108 kg;

3. 5% mannequin: represents a short stature with a height of 148 cm and a weight of 56 kg.

At the NACP European Safety Crash Test Center, Hy-drid3 is used to collect frontal crash information. Child mannequins:

1. June mannequin: height 67 cm, weight 10 kg;

2. December mannequin: height 76 cm, weight 13 kg;

3. 18 month mannequin: height 83 cm, weight 16 kg;

4. 3-year-old mannequin: height 97 cm, weight 20 kg;

5. 6-year-old mannequin: height 130 cm, weight 30 kg;

6. 10-year-old mannequin: height 138 cm, weight 36 kg.

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