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Why do you need a car Crash Test Dummy?

2021-12-28 10:15

Automobile Crash Test Dummy is used for automobile collision detection test. There are many evaluation indicators, including the acceleration impact value of various organs in the dummy, the magnitude of the force and moment suffered, and the displacement of extrusion deformation. In addition, the acceleration of the body must be comprehensively assessed. Sensor signals, body deformation, door opening conditions after a collision, and fuel leakage, etc. A large part of them (especially the sensor signal data in the dummy) needs to be collected and processed by the electrical measurement data acquisition system, and finally the test results are fed back to the test personnel to calculate the dummy's injury value and other evaluation indicators.


Sweating Fabric Manikin (Walter) is specially used to evaluate the restraint effect of car seats. The experimental dummy has a distinctive feature. Each dummy is equipped with a spine composed of 24 simulated vertebrae. This artificial spine allows the experimental dummy to reflect the natural sitting posture of the car members and make the neck movement like a real person in a rear-end collision. In order to gain industry recognition, Walter's repeatedly verified test results are essential for the design and evaluation of vehicle safety.

In some cases, the number of electrical measurement channels is as many as 150, involving acceleration, force and torque, displacement, current and switching values, etc. It can be seen that the data acquisition system is a very important measurement in the automobile crash test. Link.

The above is a simple answer to the QINSUN car Crash Test Dummy test. If you need to purchase products, you are welcome to come to consult.

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