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The function of coated fabrics and the sorting of literature

2021-12-17 10:11

Coated fabric function, classification and literature finishing

What is a coated fabric?

Coated fabrics are based on fabrics, using a special process to coat one or more layers of coating adhesives with special functions to form one or more layers of film on the surface of the fabric. Coating glue is a polymer compound with film-forming properties, and different types have different properties.

1. Functional requirements of coated fabrics

The coating can not only improve the feel, appearance and style of the fabric, but also increase the performance of the fabric, so that the fabric has special functions such as waterproof, anti-permeable, breathable and moisture-permeable, flame-retardant, and light-blocking. reflection.

Coated fabrics are widely used in rain-proof woven down jackets, jackets, tents, footwear, curtains, luggage and advanced waterproof and moisture-permeable ski shirts, mountaineering suits, windbreakers, etc., and can also be used in navigation, fishery, offshore oil wells, and transportation. Transportation and other fields.

Coated fabric function, classification and literature finishing(图1)

From the perspective of the fashion market, many casual wears are made of coated fabrics. The main styles are undershirts and jackets, which are coated with PU and have a relatively thin texture. The color of the coated fabric tends to be light blue, light gray, light purple, etc. The biggest advantage is that it feels smooth, rainproof, and easy to clean. The consumer groups of coated clothing are mainly young men and women and high school students. The price of this kind of clothing is not expensive, and the styles vary greatly to cater to the consumption characteristics of young people.

2. Classified according to the different media used:

2.1 Solvent-based media

Solvent-based media has the advantages of high water pressure resistance, good film formation, fast drying, and low solid content, but it also has the following shortcomings: strong permeability in the fabric, rough and hard hand, high toxicity, easy to be contaminated by fire, and solvent recovery is required Equipment and high recovery costs.

2.2 Aqueous medium

Compared with solvent-based media, aqueous media is non-toxic, non-flammable, safe, low-cost, does not require recycling, and can be used to manufacture thick-coated products, which is beneficial to the production of colored-coated products and has good hydrophilicity. Disadvantages are low water pressure resistance, slow drying, and not easy to adhere to filament fabrics.

3. Classified by different coating processes

According to different coating processes, there are dry coating and wet coating, low-temperature cross-linking coating and high-temperature cross-linking coating. Dry coating adhesives and low-temperature cross-linking coating adhesives are the future development trend of coated fabrics due to their simple coating process, low baking temperature, and energy saving.

Coated fabric function, classification and literature finishing(图2)

What are the common coating types?

PA coating;

PU coating;

Down-proof coating;

PA white glue coating;

PU white glue coating;

PA silver glue coating;

PU silver glue coating;

Pearl coating;

Silicone high elasticity coating;

Skin film coating;

Flame resistance coating;

Teflon tri-proof coating;

Anti-UV coating;

Cotton fabric coating;

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