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Why choose QINSUN Sweating Fabric Manikin (Walter)?

2021-12-14 13:24

Sweating Fabric Manikin is mainly used to measure and evaluate the thermal and moisture comfort of textiles, clothing, automobiles, and aircraft in a dynamic thermal environment.

Why choose QINSUN Sweating Fabric Manikin (Walter)?

At present, there are not many manufacturers that can produce Sweating Fabric Manikin in the world. Among them, QINSUN is an extremely outstanding company. The Walter series Sweating Fabric Manikin created by QINSUN and the famous university laboratory in Hong Kong have been marketed and won a good reputation!

QINSUN Sweating Fabric Manikin (Walter) applicable standards:

ISO 7730, ISO 7726, ISO/DIS 11079, ISO/DIS 14505, ISO/DIS 7933, ISO/DIS 15831; prEN 13537; ASTM F1291, ASTM F2370, ASTM F1720, ASTM F2371, ENV342, ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55-2004 , EN344, EN 511, GB/T 13459, GB/T 18398

Features of QINSUN Sweating Fabric Manikin:

The comfort dummy can reflect the factors that affect the heat exchange between the human body and the environment. These factors include:

①The surface area of the human body covered by fabric and the surface area of bare skin;

②Distribution of clothing layer and air layer on the surface of human body (ie non-uniformity);


④Due to the increase in heat dissipation area of the human body after dressing (ie clothing area coefficient);

⑤The influence of product design;


⑥ Change of dressing characteristics (the zipper is opened, the headscarf is worn, etc.);

⑦The difference in temperature (and heat dissipation) of different parts of the human body;

⑧The influence of human body posture (such as standing posture, sitting posture, lying down);

⑨The influence of human activities (such as walking, cycling);

⑩The test of the thermal manikin can reflect the situation, because such test can quantitatively describe the influence of the clothing system on the heat exchange between the entire human body and the environment.

Want to know more about QINSUN Walter-Sweating Fabric Manikin price or parameter information, please leave us a message online!

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