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Xenon lamp aging tester testing the weather resistance of clothing and textiles

2021-12-07 11:14

Xenon lamp aging tester simulates the damage caused to the product under outdoor sunlight and thermal cycle conditions. It can measure a variety of aging conditions, including: fading and discoloration, loss of tensile strength, yellowing, reduced flame retardancy, infrared absorption Or the reflexivity is lost.

Whether clothing and fashion materials can maintain their original colors in the natural environment is a concern for both consumers and manufacturers. Certain textile applications are extremely demanding, not only requiring the product to be sufficiently beautiful, but also requiring the product to have good weather resistance.


QINSUN can provide weather resistance testing for textiles, suitable for various applications, including: apparel fabrics, carpet and floor coverings, military and industrial tent coverings, curtains, parachutes, automotive interior materials, sunshades, polypropylene woven bags , Outdoor furniture, geotextiles, etc.

Xenon lamp aging tester is the main instrument for testing the weather resistance of clothing and fabrics. This is confirmed by major international standards organizations including ISO and AATCC. In addition to the xenon lamp test box and the UV accelerated aging test box, it also simulates the outdoor environment in the laboratory. It is a good choice for accelerated aging test, and it can be used for testing the weather resistance of textiles used outdoors for a long time.

Products exposed to the natural environment will have serious aging under the action of sunlight, moisture and heat. The qinsun Xenon lamp aging tester is of high quality and low price. Customers in need are welcome to inquire.

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