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What are the factors that affect the price of aging room equipment?

2021-11-18 15:02

The determinant of the cost of the aging room; the temperature point of the aging room: it involves the exhaust system, according to the total power (heating power) of the products in the aging room, and then according to the required temperature, calculate the exhaust fan through the corresponding formula Power, the size of the exhaust duct. At present, the most advanced technology on the market is the hot air circulation technology, which has good temperature uniformity.

The following factors affect the price of aging room equipment:

1. Room size (the size of the room determines the selection of fans, the number of fans, and the size of air ducts)

Usually there are axial fans, centrifugal fans, and air cabinets on the market.

The axial flow fan is installed on the top of the aging room. The ceiling is equipped with corresponding louver windows according to the number of fans. The concept of air outlet and return air above is adopted. This method is low-cost, and the temperature uniformity is not highly controllable, because the hot air is from Bottom up.

The centrifugal fan is installed on the top of the aging room, and the corresponding number of air ducts is designed according to the power of the fan and the size of the room. Each air duct is connected to the bottom of the room, and each air duct is installed with two double-layer louvered air outlets and air outlets. The direction of the wind can be adjusted. Then circulate the air from the return air outlet on the top. Generally, centrifugal fans are used in the aging room where the room is not very large.

The air cabinet is mainly used when the room of the aging room is too large, the span is too wide, and the temperature uniformity is too high. If the room is large, the number of centrifugal fans will increase correspondingly, and the noise will be very loud. This cost is very high,

2. Temperature range (different materials are selected for different temperature ranges)

At present, the commonly used insulation material on the market is high-density rigid polyurethane foam. The exterior is 304 stainless steel, its maximum temperature resistance is 85 degrees, it has good hardness and good quality, especially for large-scale aging rooms. This material must be used, and the disassembly and assembly are relatively easy to facilitate the relocation of the aging room. But the price is relatively expensive, but most professional companies will use it.

In addition, EPS color steel plates are mainly used for aging from room temperature to 60 degrees. EPS color steel plates are commonly known as foam boards. They are not flame-retardant. They do not meet the requirements of Class B2 in the "Combustion Performance Classification of Building Materials". There is no problem with long-term use below 60 degrees. , The rock wool color steel plate is used when the aging temperature is above 60 degrees

3. Products that need to be aging and product power (the difference of the product relates to whether the product is heated or not, and the power relates to the configuration of the power supply inside)

Power of the aging product: In the aging room, power is required for the aging rack of the product. The power relates to the size and quantity of the wire. If the heating of the product involves the wire, use civil or military wire.

4. Temperature uniformity requirements

The temperature of the aging room is generally ±1°C at 40°C, ±3°C at 50°C, ±5°C above 60°C, and if the uniformity requirement above 60°C is too high, you can use PLC to implement multi-point control or use a mother-in-hand machine Way to control.

5. The aging temperature point and the total power of the product are often used (involving the exhaust system, the exhaust is constant at a temperature point according to the size of the room, the temperature range and the power of the product, and the exhaust fan runs when the product heats up too high. Ensure that the temperature is controlled at the set temperature).

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