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Fabric vertical burning test national standard requirements

2021-11-17 11:41

Textile vertical burning test preparation: Textile burning performance test vertical method, experimental conditions and experimental preparation and other requirements. 

I. Application scope

GB/T 5455 specifies the test method for determining the flame retardant properties of a variety of flame retardant textiles, used to determine the tendency of textile renewed combustion, negative combustion and charring.

GB / T 5455 applies to flame retardant woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, coated products, laminated products, such as the determination of flame retardant properties.

Second, the test principle

The specimen of a certain size is placed under the prescribed burner ignition, measuring the specified ignition time, the specimen's continued combustion, negative combustion time and the length of damage.

Third, the reference standard

GB 6 529 -86 standard atmosphere for moisture conditioning and testing of textiles

Fourth, the sample requirements

1. The sample should be taken from the part of 1/10 width from the edge of the cloth. Sample size of 300 mm X 80 mm, the long side of the fabric to be parallel to the warp (longitudinal) or weft (horizontal).

2. Each sample, warp and weft (longitudinal and transverse) each take five specimens, warp (longitudinal) specimens can not be taken from the same warp, weft (transverse) specimens can not be taken from the same weft.

3. Specimens should be GB 6529 provisions, in the secondary standard atmosphere, that is, the temperature of 20 ℃ Shi 2 'C, relative humidity of 65% Shi 3%, depending on the thickness of the sample placed 8-24 h. Until equilibrium, and then, removed into a sealed container, but also according to the conditions agreed upon by all parties concerned. Arbitration test should be placed for 24 h,

V. Test results and analysis

1. Calculate the average value of the warp (longitudinal) and latitudinal (transverse) five specimens of the renewal combustion time, negative combustion time and damage length, respectively.

2. Record the burning process of dripping material caused by the burning of skimmed cotton samples.

3. For some samples, several of which may be burned through the specimen, record the measured value of the continued combustion time, negative combustion time and length of damage of each unburned specimen, and in the test report indicates that there are several specimens burned through.

4, the burning melt and connected to the specimen, the measurement of the length of damage should be the highest point of melt.

Fabric vertical burning test national standard requirements(图1)

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