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UV aging tester operation guide

2021-11-16 11:20

First of all, in the UV aging tester, the UV radiation sensor installed and used is a high precision light control system, so the use of the control system can appear the light level expected by the user, but also the intensity of the light level can be tested for a relatively long time. For the fully automatic maintenance method, can reduce the trouble caused by maintenance.

Second, the installation of the use of fluorescent UV lamps, simulating the impact of natural light on the physical properties of substances, but also have a better effect. For example, the brightness of the substance will be reduced, the substance will appear faded condition, will appear flaking use condition. Then the use of ultraviolet light aging test chamber is a good test method.


Finally, on such equipment, the installation of the use of lamps, the main reason is that such lamps than others, etc. in the stability will be more prominent, for the test results are also more accurate.

UV aging tester operation method:

UV aging tester uses a blackboard temperature instrument to control the heating, so that the use of temperature will be more stable. For the amount of radiation that appears in the box, the use of high-precision first measurement instrument can be used specifically for ultraviolet irradiation shot. Radiation meter head installed relatively fixed, do not often have to do the loading and unloading process. The irradiance that appears will not be greater than 2W/㎡.


UV aging test chamber operation is relatively simple, in such a chamber, the use of imported stainless steel plate, the outer chamber of the A3 steel plate spraying technology, so that the appearance of the chamber is not only more texture, and cleanliness has also been enhanced. The heating method used is mainly the inner tank heating, so that not only the temperature is faster, but also more evenly distributed. Such a test chamber using the drainage system, mainly back to the vortex type, there is a U-shaped accumulation device drainage, such a drainage method can achieve easy to clean the use of the purpose.

UV aging test chamber is used in CNC machine tool processing molding, so the appearance of the shape is not only beautiful and elegant, but also very durable, the design of the box cover is a two-way flip type, so the box cover is more convenient to use.

Ultraviolet light is part of the sunlight, because only 5% of the sunlight, so on, there are a lot of people do not pay attention to such substances, but we need to know that ultraviolet light is the main reason for the durability of outdoor products light. The reason for this is mainly due to the photochemical reaction of sunlight. Therefore, when simulating the physical properties of the sunlight on the material, the use of UV aging tester will achieve a better purpose.

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