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Which industries need artificially accelerated xenon lamp aging box

2021-11-12 10:52

What is an artificially accelerated xenon lamp aging chamber? The xenon lamp aging test can imitate the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew, using xenon lamps to imitate the effect of sunlight, using condensation moisture to imitate rain and dew, the material under test is placed in a cycle of light and moisture replacement at a certain temperature for testing, with a few days or weeks to reproduce the damage that occurs in the field for months or even years, artificially accelerated aging test data can assist in the selection of new materials The artificially accelerated aging test data can assist in selecting new materials, modifying existing materials, and reviewing how changes in formulation affect the durability of products.

Which industries need to use artificially accelerated xenon lamp aging chamber?

The xenon lamp aging chamber uses xenon lamps to imitate the natural climate of ultraviolet light, see light and infrared light to use light to light aging of products, and then quickly derive the results of whether the product is resistant to light. It is mainly applied to coating coatings, construction materials, textiles, furniture and leather and other industries.

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Coating paint: people are put in the field, so the shell on the car need to do light experiments to see whether the material of the shell will age and lose paint under light for a long time.

Construction materials: can be divided into structural materials, decorative materials and certain special materials. Long time exposure to the sun materials are required to use xenon aging test chamber to test the light intensity.

Textiles: commonly understood is the clothes people wear, home curtains and so on, the need for light experiments to detect whether they will fade after a long time of use.

Furniture leather: a good set of furniture trust a family will use a 40, 50 years, of course, good furniture is also the need to do experiments, not only need to do light experiments, but also need to do temperature and humidity experiments, and then determine whether the use of many years after the sofa will fall off the skin.

Artificially accelerated xenon lamp aging box from light energy, temperature, rainfall or condensation, humidity, which are the primary climate factors for imitation and strengthening of the experiment; the choice of xenon arc lamp that can imitate the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light waves that exist in different environments.

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