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Ozone aging test chamber structure design and refrigeration working principle

2021-11-09 10:16

Ozone aging test chamber is suitable for rubber products such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulation sheathing and other products. According to the different test methods can be divided into static ozone aging test chamber and dynamic ozone aging test chamber. The difference between them is that there is no static stretching device; while the dynamic has a set of stretching device.

The working principle of ozone aging test chamber: under static tensile deformation, exposed to air containing constant ozone concentration and constant temperature in a closed test chamber without light, the specimen is tested according to the predetermined time, and the degree of cracking or other performance changes occurring on the surface of the specimen are used to evaluate the ozone aging resistance of rubber.

The working principle of dynamic ozone aging test chamber: the vulcanized rubber specimen is exposed to the air and constant temperature test chamber with constant ozone concentration without light under continuous dynamic tensile deformation or intermittent dynamic tensile and static tensile deformation, and the specimen is tested for a predetermined period of time to evaluate the ozone aging resistance of rubber from the degree of cracking or other changes in performance on the surface of the specimen. 



The ozone content in the atmosphere is very little but the main factor of rubber cracking, ozone aging chamber simulates and strengthens the ozone conditions in the atmosphere, studies the law of ozone action on rubber, quickly identifies and evaluates the ozone-resistant aging performance of rubber and the method of anti-ozone agent protection effectiveness, and then takes effective anti-aging measures to improve the service life of rubber products, with reference to the standards: GB/T7762-2003, GB/T2951.21-2003 GB/T2951.21-2008

Ozone aging test chamber structure design.

A transparent window is set at a reasonable position of the box door to observe the changes of the specimen in the room. The observation window is made of multi-layer hollow tempered glass, and the inner side is glued with sheet type conductive film, which has the advantages of transparency, heat insulation and not easy to produce steam frost.

The equipment uses a long-axis fan motor for stirring, high and low temperature resistance of stainless steel multi-wing impeller, in order to achieve the strength of convection vertical diffusion cycle, so that the temperature in the laboratory is uniform and has been maintained stable using a non-reaction door handle, easier to operate the bottom of the machine can be installed high-quality fixed PU movable wheels, you can easily move the machine to the location, and finally the casters fixed.

The principle of ozone aging test chamber refrigeration work.

 Refrigeration cycle are used in the inverse card if the cycle, the cycle consists of two isothermal process and two adiabatic process, the process is as follows: refrigerant by the compressor adiabatic compression to a higher pressure, consumed work to make the exhaust temperature rise, after the refrigerant by the condenser and other media heat exchange will be heat transfer to the surrounding media. After that, the refrigerant expands adiabatically through the interceptor valve to do work, and then the refrigerant temperature decreases. Finally, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the higher temperature object through the evaporator and so on, so that the temperature of the cooled object is reduced. This cycle starts again and again to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Refrigeration system design application energy regulation technology, a proven way to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration unit can also be effective regulation of the refrigeration system energy consumption and cooling capacity, so that the operating costs of the refrigeration system down to a more economical state.

In summary, through the above points, the refrigeration principle of the ozone aging test chamber for a detailed analysis. When we can see the use of aging test chamber found in the intelligent control system can effectively reduce the use of energy consumption of the product.

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