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How to choose sunlight carbon arc aging machine

2021-11-03 11:05

Sunlight carbon arc aging machine is a type of artificial aging machine used to test coatings. Utilizing the different metal elements contained in the carbon rod, the emitted spectrum includes the ultraviolet light region 278 --. 400nm, the visible light part is also very large, and the infrared light part is very small, so that the spectral energy of the lamp source is the same as that of 400nm. The spectral energy distribution of the sun is relatively close.


The sunshine carbon arc aging machine is mainly used to "test the anti-aging performance of products and materials". It is also one of the test boxes that enterprises need to buy. However, the test environment required by different industries is different, and different manufacturers can provide The quality and performance of the sunshine carbon arc aging machine are also different, so in order to use this test box smoothly in the future, you must first understand the following factors.


Solar carbon arc aging machine performance: 

First of all, everyone needs to determine the performance of the solar carbon arc aging machine. The price of equipment with different performances is different, and if you are not sure of the performance, you cannot be sure whether you can get accurate test results. But no matter what will cause the loss of the enterprise, so in order to avoid this situation, it is still necessary to determine the required environment and the volume of the test sample.


The quality of the sunshine carbon arc aging machine:

 The quality of the sunshine carbon arc aging machine is to ensure that the test can be carried out smoothly, there will be no failures, and the test data obtained will be relatively stable. However, judging the quality of the test chamber is not an easy task for many buyers who are new to this industry. If you understand it from the beginning, it will be too time-consuming. However, when you can judge the quality of parts, the accuracy of the control system, and the production technology After good or bad, you can basically select a test equipment with relatively reliable quality. If it is not possible, you can still consult the responsible technical aspects, or find more manufacturers for comparison.


After basically determining the above factors, I purchased a high-quality solar carbon arc aging machine it will be an easier task. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, qinsun will provide you with professional knowledge. 

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