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What is Comfortable Thermal Manikin

2021-11-01 11:16

The thermal manikin  is a general instrumentation used for thermal performance experiments on clothing. It is widely used in the fields of clothing, occupational health, environment, firefighting, petroleum, traffic safety, aerospace, construction and so on.

thermal manikin  is an instrument and equipment to simulate the heat and moisture exchange between human body and environment, is a new biophysical test method gradually developed from the 1940s, its body size is similar to that of an ordinary adult, consisting of anatomical segments such as head, chest, back, abdomen, buttocks, upper posture, hands, lower posture and feet, etc. The body of the warm body dummy is made of copper, aluminum or glass steel, and can be heated internally, inner surface When using internal or internal surface heating, in order to maintain a uniform temperature on the exterior, high thermal conductivity materials, such as copper or aluminum, must be used.

What is Comfortable Thermal Manikin

Comfortable Thermal Manikin is used in building thermal ventilation and air conditioning, aircraft, car comfort, all kinds of clothing thermal resistance test, wet suit, sportswear research, cold and warm room on the human body impact analysis, high and low temperature environment, such as special fire experimental environment. 

Comfortable Thermal Manikin scope of application:

Comfortable Thermal Manikin is used in building thermal ventilation and air conditioning, aircraft, car comfort, various types of clothing thermal resistance testing, wet clothing, sportswear research, cold and warm room on the human body impact analysis, high and low temperature environment, such as special fire experimental environment.

Comfortable Thermal Manikin technical parameters :

Human body model part.

Material: glass fiber reinforced plastic resin.

Exterior: skin without luster baking (emissivity: 0.9).

Heating system: RTD method.

Temperature sensor: Temperature sensor installed in each segment.

Heat quantity: 0~5Met per section (0~290W/m2).

Environment: -20°C~60°C.

Joints: Shoulder, femur and knee.

Cable: Behind the head.

Weight: Approx. 25kg.


Comfortable Thermal Manikinproduct details:

Comfortable Thermal Manikin completely realistic simulation of the human body, even including the fingers and details of the face.

Inside the dummy from the fingers to the nasal cavity placed nearly 700m of pure nickel wire, independent intelligent circuitry to ensure the accuracy of the measurement process.

The intelligent circuitry inside each part ensures the accuracy of the measurement and the built-in heat conduction system ensures good uniformity.

At the same time the dummy can be divided into two parts, easy to transport.

Main features of the comfortable thermal manikin:

1. the thermal manikin model is divided into head, torso, limbs and other anatomical segments of a total of 17 segments, each segment has adiabatic and fine-tuned heater in each segment, constant power control can do surface heating, constant temperature control.

2. In the control software section, the internal heat of the mannequin, the temperature insulation performance of the clothing, and the surface temperature evaluation of the mannequin, heat dissipation calorific value calculation, etc., can handle a variety of measurement data and records and statistical processing.

3. The mannequin of thermal manikin  is made by using resin with small heat capacity, which can quickly process the heat reaction and heat exchange process of the mannequin.

4. Heat-sensing nickel wire sensors, connected to the whole system, can measure the average temperature in each segment with good sensitivity.

5. joints, shoulders and knees can be bent and changed to standing or sitting position, easy to remove clothing.

6. thermal manikin system comes standard with mannequin lifting frame, which can easily move the mannequin.

thermal manikin can simulate the heat exchange process between human body, clothing and environment under the set environmental conditions, objectively and systematically evaluate the thermal environment and predict the physiological response of the human body to the thermal environment, and can be tested under extreme environmental conditions where real people cannot be tested, and can also effectively solve the problem of the number of people selected for the experiment, thus shortening the experimental cycle and reducing the cost of the experiment, with high accuracy and repeatability of the test. It is recognized as an essential and advanced equipment for human ergonomics research.

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