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How to extend the service life of UV aging tester

2021-10-28 13:19

As we all know, the UV aging tester uses a fluorescent UV lamp as the light source to accelerate the weather resistance aging test of materials by simulating the UV radiation, rain, condensation, temperature and humidity environment in natural sunlight to obtain the results of material weather resistance.


UV aging test chamber is suitable for non-metallic materials, organic materials (such as: coatings, paints, rubber, plastics and their products) in the sunlight, rain, humidity, temperature, condensation and other changes in climate conditions to test the degree of aging phenomenon of the products and materials, in a short period of time to get discoloration, fading, chalking, cracking, blurring, brittle, strength decline and oxidation and other conditions. So how to extend the service life of the UV aging box?

Due to improper operation of the staff or the environment, the impact of climate will shorten the service life of the UV aging tester, how to properly use and extend the life of the UV aging tester?

UV aging tester placement conditions:

1, after installation of equipment and adjacent walls or other equipment to maintain adequate maintenance space;

2, in order to develop the stability and performance of the functional test equipment, should choose a year-round temperature 15 ℃ ~ 28 ℃, relative humidity does not exceed 85% of the place;

3、It should be installed away from flammable, explosive and high temperature heat sources;

4, should be installed with less dust;

5, as close as possible to the power supply;

6, should be installed in a place without direct sunlight;

7, should be installed in a well-ventilated place;

8、Install the ambient temperature place, avoid the sharp change

9, should be installed in the horizontal ground (ground installation application level to determine the level);

UV aging test chamber conditions of use:

1, the work of the indoor sensing device is not strongly affected.

2, part-time operators, not at will.

3, equipment failure can not own, please contact with the manufacturer.

4、During the operation of the equipment, be sure to keep enough water.

5、Ultraviolet radiation hurts the personnel concerned (especially the eyes), therefore, operators should minimize exposure to ultraviolet light (contact time should be < 1 minute). It is recommended that operators be equipped with protective eyewear and sheaths.

6. The test should be minimized when the door is open.

7. After stopping use for a long time, if it needs to be used, each component must be carefully checked for water supply, power supply, and to determine the correct guidance equipment.

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