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UV aging tester selection guide

2021-10-22 13:47
UV aging tester is a very common experimental equipment, it can bring help to everyone's experiments, but sometimes due to the purchase of mistakes can lead to some unnecessary trouble, so here to give you a brief description of what you need to pay attention to when buying UV aging tester, to avoid some of the trouble brought about by the future use.
First of all, we should choose the regular chemical laboratory instrument store, which is no longer repeatedly stressed, but also from some more professional and reliable to buy these instruments. Once again, we should talk about the time of purchase, UV aging tester is also divided into many different models, we must want to figure out where they are mainly used before buying, again mainly to see the lamp, heating, spraying, etc. These are more a few and also very important function is good. At the same time in the purchase and the operation of the technician to go shopping together, so that it is also convenient for future use and operation.
UV Aging Test Chamber
Environmental factors are mainly reflected in the following six aspects.
1, the box temperature; 2, airflow speed; 3, surface contamination; 4, humidity; 5, ozone and other polluting gases; 6, the bracket and its installation.
The following are the details of these six aspects.
1, the temperature inside the box: in the irradiation phase or stop illumination phase, the temperature inside the box should be specified test procedures to control, the relevant specifications should be in accordance with the intended use of equipment or components in the irradiation phase to achieve the temperature level.
2, airflow speed: ① close to the surface of the sample airflow speed size in addition to affect the sample warming, and even make monitoring the radiation intensity of the open temperature difference power stack a significant error. ② in the natural environment, there is strong solar radiation while the wind speed of zero special conditions of the probability of small, so when the need to assess the impact of different wind speeds on equipment or components and other samples, specific requirements should be specified;
3, surface contamination: dust and other surface contaminants will seriously change the absorption characteristics of the surface of the object under illumination, the test to ensure that the sample is clean;
4, humidity: a variety of materials, coatings and other substances in different humidity conditions of photochemical degradation effect varies greatly, the requirements of the humidity conditions are different, the specific humidity conditions are clearly defined by the relevant specifications.
5, ozone and other polluting gases: the box in the light source of short-wave ultraviolet radiation generated by the ozone, as ozone and other polluting gases will affect the deterioration process of certain materials, unless the relevant specifications provide otherwise these harmful gases out of the box.
6, bracket and its installation: a variety of bracket thermal characteristics and its installation method will constitute a serious impact on the temperature rise of the test sample, should be fully considered, so that its heat transfer characteristics can represent the typical actual use of the situation. From the above to understand the environmental factors affecting the UV aging test, we can pay attention to these issues in the use of the test results to avoid being affected, in order to more effectively achieve the test results.
Finally or to emphasize the UV aging tester inside the most important thing is to look at the lamp, because in the future use up is also the lamp is more fee. So the choice of a good lamp is essential.

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