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How to adjust the xenon lamp aging tester water level and light source

2021-10-15 11:50
When the surface of the test cloth of the xenon lamp aging tester is not clean or hard, it is necessary to replace the test cloth.
Test cloth about three months to replace, when the replacement should be clean cloth scrubbing temperature measurement body, replace the new test cloth hands should be cleaned first.
Xenon lamp climate-resistant water cylinder level should not be too high, so that water overflow, water cylinder or too low so that the wet bulb test cloth does not absorb water properly, affecting the accuracy of the wet bulb, the water level can be maintained about six minutes full.
The water level of the water cylinder can be adjusted to adjust the height of the water box. Xenon lamp aging test chamber between the rotating frame and the motor using clutch transmission, rotating frame rotation flexibility, without the point function can be easily loaded and clamped specimens; also built-in water storage tank and faucet connected to automatically control the water intake and with filtering device, no water shortage burned the pump or clogged atomizer and other phenomena. With the independent timing function of the sample holder, can be put into the sample at different times, greatly saving test costs.
Xenon lamp aging test chamber
In the arc discharge, the loss of energy in the elastic collision of electrons with the gas is inversely proportional to the atomic weight of the gas, so compared with other inert gases xenon arc discharge loss is smaller, high luminous efficiency. At the same time, the ionization potential of xenon is low, the voltage drop around the electrode during the discharge is small, which can extend the life of the electrode. Also due to the characteristics of the xenon atomic structure, the long-arc xenon lamp emits a spectrum very close to that of daylight, which is the characteristics of xenon lamps. The power of the xenon aging tester is limited, generally made of 5 to 100 watts. And xenon lamp power can be from 10,000 watts to hundreds of thousands of watts.
At present, it is believed that the known artificial light source of xenon arc lamp spectral energy distribution and sunlight in the ultraviolet, visible light part similar. By choosing the right filter, you can filter out most of the short-wave radiation present in the sunlight that reaches the ground. Xenon lamp in the 1000nm ~ 1200nm near infrared region there is a very strong radiation peak, will generate a lot of heat.
Therefore, a suitable cooling device must be selected to take away this part of the energy. At present, the market xenon lamp aging test device has two types of cooling: water-cooled and air-cooled. In general, water-cooled xenon lamp device cooling effect is better than air-cooled, but also more complex structure, the price is also more expensive. Because the xenon lamp ultraviolet part of the energy increase less than the other two light sources, in terms of acceleration rate is low.

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