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Ozone aging test chamber installation

2021-09-30 11:59

Ozone aging test chamber for the installation of environmental requirements

Ozone aging test chamber in accordance with the GB / T experimental methods Carry out design and manufacture of manufacturing, can be carried out on vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber ozone cracking resistance static data and daily dynamic tensile test. Ozone aging test chamber installation site requirements: with the adjacent wall or bronze in the middle of a certain distance; in order to smoothly give full play to the role of the test chamber, characteristics, should be selected for long-term temperature of 15-28 ℃, air humidity of less than 85% of the site.
Installation site working temperature must not be substantially changed; ozone aging test chamber should be installed on the level of the road (installation using a level meter on the road clear level); should be installed in the site without irradiation sun; should be installed in the site of excellent natural ventilation; should be installed to avoid flammable, explosive and high-temperature pyrogenic areas; should be installed in the site of less dust; as far as possible, installed in close proximity to the power supply system switch power The site.
Ozone aging test chamber
With the rapid development trend of industrialized technology, the main use of vulcanized rubber and plastic products is getting wider and wider, and the natural environment standards are becoming more and more complicated and diverse. Only by effectively requiring the natural environmental standards of the products and appropriately selecting the natural environmental safety protection measures for the products can we ensure that the products are protected from damage during storage and delivery and can be trusted throughout the use. Environmental simulation of natural environment for vulcanized rubber and plastic products is a key step to ensure their high quality.
Ozone aging test chamber can be used for vulcanized rubber artifacts such as vulcanized rubber, cable insulation sheathing and other goods, under static data or daily dynamic Rashen deformation, exposed to closed type without light with stable ozone concentration of gas and temperature-controlled test chamber, according to the predetermined time to test the specimen, from the specimen surface cracking or other characteristics of the transformation level, to identify the ozone aging resistance of vulcanized rubber.

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